An On-Site Scan System, allowing full control of inventory.

Sure Stock 2.0 has saved multiple companies up to 50% in fastener inventory, while eliminating stock outs and overstock. While allowing your team to take full control of inventory, stock levels are replenished daily, weekly or monthly, depending on usage. Your production team never has to experience a back up in throughput, because of stock outs, again! 


Many companies suffer from fastener overstock or shortage, due to poorly managed inventory, and think there is no way to fix the problem. Guesswork or visual check takes place, and we all know, humans make errors. This is where some companies have years worth of dead stock or maybe only a few hours worth of common items. With Sure Stock 2.0, these problems will

nearly disappear. Here's How: 

  1. Talk to a Fasteners Direct Representative about your issues. 

  2. A Fasteners Direct Representative will make a visit to your facility to set up Sure Stock 2.0. 

  3. You install our app to scan cards, which compiles a list of parts fo you. 

  4. Cards are then discarded or recycled. 

  5. An order is sent through the system, which you will then add the PO number to weekly or monthly. 

  6. The order is submitted and processed within 24 hours. 


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