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Sure Stock Set-up
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  • Sure Stock provides an on-site stock system. 

  • An audit is performed before the inventory is determined to see what items your business commonly use.

  • It is stocked with the items your business commonly uses, and uses frequently. 

  • Your stock is auto-replenished.

  • It is a free system from Fasteners Direct to help our customers run more efficiently and reduce and/or eliminate downtime!

  • Sure Stock levels can be added to or reduced at any time, with no additional cost.

  • The Sure Stock System is set-up and ready for use.

  • Package is taken from the shelf

  • Card is removed from the package and put into the card bin. 

  • Cards are entered into your purchase order.

  • Cards and PO are sent to Fasteners Direct.

  • Fasteners Direct sends replacement parts. (No backorders, no shipping charges).

  • Parts arrive and are re-stocked on your shelf.


Free Set-up

No Backorders

Free Shipping

Reduce or Eliminate Downtime

On-site Stock System