Understanding Diameter, Pitch, and Length of Fastener

Have an easier time selecting the right fastener based on your needs.

When shopping for fasteners, there are many options to choose from, providing you with a specific benefit. Before making a final decision, it's important to understand how diameter, pitch, and length affect the appearance and use. Once you're aware of how these factors are part of the equation, you'll have a much easier time shopping for the right bolt and nuts for your project.

What is Diameter?

Measured in millimeters, diameter lets you know how wide the fastener is across. It helps you know how large of a hole to drill to secure the nut. Diameter is the number of millimeters on a metric system. For example, you may see it read M10 and know that the nut is 10 millimeters in diameter based on a metric system of measurement.

Why Pitch Matters When Buying Fasteners

The pitch is the distance measured from thread to thread in millimeters. It helps you understand how many turns it takes to secure a fastener. If the pitch is one millimeter, you'll see it listed as 1.0.

Selecting the Right Length of Fastener for the Project You're Working On

Choosing the correct length is imperative because it helps determine the fastener's fit once it is attached. If the bolt is too short, it can cause parts to loosen or fall off. If it is too long, part of the bolt will jet out and cause a potential safety hazard.

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With a better understanding of diameter, pitch, and length, you'll choose the right fasteners for your projects with little delay. You can order what you need from our online catalog. You can also rest assured that everything will arrive safely to your location thanks to the plastic pails we mail your order in each purchase.

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