The Stress of Managing Your Inventory

How Fastener’s Direct can help you fix that.

If you run a big-time operation that requires a lot of fasteners, it can be challenging to keep track of what you have on hand. Thanks to Fastener’s Direct, you no longer need to be concerned with all the details by yourself. We can help you manage your inventory so that it’s stress-free and easy-to-take-account of right away. You won’t spend hours sifting through product because you’ll have an organization system that works well for you after you start ordering from us.

Organizational Systems That We Offer Our Customers

We offer Sure Stock and Vendor Managed Inventory as optional services. With Sure Stock, we take into account the inventory that you have on hand and stock your most commonly used items for you to purchase. We replenish your supply as it dwindles automatically so that you’re not without the fasteners that you need to get the job done right. It’s a free service that makes your life as a business owner easier.

Vendor Managed Inventory works in the same way as Sure Stock. The main difference is that a Fastener’s Direct salesperson replenishes your supply instead of our system doing it automatically for you. We keep a running account of the items that you order most so that our representative can assist you quickly and effortlessly when they visit your physical location. You receive the same amount of product every single time, too.

Make Storing and Replenishing Your Supply Fast and Easy with FD

Let Fastener’s Direct help you deal with the stress of managing your inventory. We make ordering and reordering products fast and easy. The packages that we send to you are in plastic pails, too, instead of boxes. You can easily label the contents of the pails with the name of the product contained within them. Best of all, they stack on top of one another without crushing the containers.

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