The Benefits of Using Durable Pails Over Boxes

Why our shipping options are preferable.

Have you ever wondered why Fasteners Direct ships your order in a durable pail as opposed to a box? If you did, you’re going to find out why today. Our shipping option has its benefits, which we highlight here. That way, you can take advantage of all the extras our company has to offer you when you place an order with us. We go the extra mile to make sure that you are well taken care of every time you shop our online storefront.

Accidental Spills Adverted

Even a box that a retailer tapes well can be subjected to damage when you apply enough weight and pressure to it. If you wondered why your fasteners fell out of the corner of their boxes or spilled out onto the floor, it’s due to how much moving around the items do while being transported to you. Durable pails contain hard plastic, which helps contain your purchase better.

A Durable Pail to Use for Storage or Other Projects

Also, you have an instant container to hold and store your purchases. You can even decide to use it for a secondary purpose. It’s like receiving a free gift with every order you place with us. Durable pails are stackable, too, and don’t succumb to the force that heavily weighted boxes do when place on top of one another.

Trust Us to Take Excellent Care of You and the Items That You Ordered

Now that you can see the benefit of shipping in durable pails versus boxes, you’ll see why that is the choice for the products that we sell to you. We believe in delivering you the most value, which is why we take the extra steps necessary to keep your fasteners from spilling out of their packaging. We don’t want to cause you a giant mess that you need to clean up and sort through carefully.

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