Supply Chain Update

To keep our customers informed and up to date, the following article outlines the current state of our supply chain.

We are experiencing random shortages, especially on less common items. The wholesale industry is focusing resources on Level “A” items, so shortages and stock outs on less common items will start to become more noticeable in the coming weeks.

Most Fastener Wholesalers including Fasteners Direct have now started to protect their stock by implementing buying restrictions. This has not had a large impact yet, however in the coming weeks it could start to play more of a role.

For the Month of May, it is expected that the Fastener Industry will only receive 50% of the product sold. This is a huge imbalance that is not sustainable. If this is not corrected in the next few months there will be very serious stock issues, so we are watching this very close.

Thank you for your business, we will make sure to keep you updated as we learn new information.

FD Team

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