Specific Diameter Limits: Are There Diameter Limitations for Various Fastener Specifications?

It’s something you want to know before you buy fasteners.

One of the most pressing questions you might have about fasteners has to do with diameter limitations. You want to know if they exist for various fastener specifications. To help you understand specific diameter limits, you must first know how the ASTM develops them.

There are specific standards that the ASTM upholds to protect the end-user from harm by lessening the likelihood of a fastener not fitting correctly. Knowing where to find such information allows you to know the specific diameter limits of every fastener you purchase. Each offers different designations, making it easy to search and find the product that you’re looking at purchasing. Below, learn why the ASTM enforces limits on items such as nuts, bolts, and nails.

Specifications for All Types of Fasteners As Determined By the ASTM

In context to steel bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers, yes, there are limitations. ASTM.org lists them as different designations. For example, to learn more about specifications concerning Load-Indicating Externally Threaded Fasteners, you would refer to F2482-08. Last updated in 2015, it highlights any limitations that exist for that type of metal fastener.

Fastener standards exist to ensure the safe use of metal fasteners such as studs, screws, eyebolts, nails, and threaded fasteners. The ASTM bases its findings on strength and quality. It considers things such as diameter limits as part of the specification process for various fasteners.

Get the Specifics from the ASTM Website Before Placing an Order With Us

Now that you know the different diameter limitations for the various fasteners you’re considering buying, you can consult the ASTM website and our online product catalog to research further the products that you need to purchase. We make you aware of diameter limitations before you buy from us so that you know that you’ve got the right fasteners to meet your needs and complete your project or repair.

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