How the Fasteners Industry Has Shifted During the Pandemic

What to expect going forward with consideration to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that the world operates. Not only have many states adopted shelter-at-home orders, but they’ve also shut down a good portion of the job sector that isn’t deemed “essential.” The fastener industry is one that has seen changes in recent months. Many factories cannot maintain social distancing recommendations with their employees, and therefore, have ceased production until further notice.

How Fastener Production Has Changed in Recent Months

Temporary shutdowns have caused delays in production. Even the companies that have managed to stay open throughout the pandemic have experienced longer shipping times to customers. To better prepare yourself for what to expect in the next few months, we think it’s vital for you to get a better idea of how the fastener industry is adapting to trying times such as these.

The shutdown of major industries such as automotive and aeronautic manufacturers worldwide has put less of a demand on companies selling fasteners. What would typically be a normal order put in by a factory producing automobiles or airplanes has ceased entirely. That means more product on hand because fewer companies are needing mass quantities of it.

Once production starts again, retailers such as ours will need to put in more orders for new products because we’ll have a higher demand for fasteners at once. The likelihood of us depleting the supply we have on hand is inevitable as new fastener production resumes, and we wait to replenish our inventory. Placing orders for products now, while we have them in stock, is highly recommended.

As you can see, things are different right now. It doesn’t mean that you can’t order the fasteners that you need online. What it does mean, however, is that there may be limited supplies of certain types of bolts, screws, pins, and nuts.

Where to Get Fasteners When You Need Them Most

Fasteners Direct has got you covered. Order the fasteners that you need whenever you want to work on a project. You’ll find the perfect option for you by looking through our online catalog. We offer you plenty of variety so that you’re able to complete as much work as possible during the global pandemic.

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