History of Fasteners

What you need to know about the industry and how it came to be a staple in the world.

Since Ancient Greek times, fasteners have made societal life easier. The first screw extracted grape juice and olive oil in Pompeii. Other historians believe that fasteners existed in early Bronze Age settings. Archaeological evidence proves that metal rivets existed in the most primitive environments.

With the introduction of factories, the concept of fasteners took off. In the United States, the Industrial Age saw a big push in fastener production. The automobile industry dominated for decades when there wasn’t a lot of competition from foreign manufacturers. Today, fasteners are used in various applications but saw a halt in production due to pandemic conditions.

Many factories ceased operations due to state recommendations on preventing the spread of COVID-19. That meant that the demand for fasteners was greater than the supply. Industries that continued to work despite the pandemic had fewer sources to request products from for weeks and months.

This mini-history lesson helps you understand the need for fasteners and how they came into existence. Now when you place an order for them, you’ll know more about their use and importance in industries of all types. Again, it may influence how you see nuts, bolts, and screws long into the future.

Making the Most of the Lesson You Learned About Fasteners

Fasteners are a staple worldwide. Now that you know their origins and how they came to be, you’ll have a greater appreciation of the role they play in your industry. You can feel the worth of their value and understand why they exist in the first place. Ordering from Fasteners Direct won’t be the same because now you’re doing it from a place of admiration and respect, not just necessity.

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