Head Style Requirements: Do ASTM & SAE Grades Requires a Specific Head Style?

Get to know the metal fasteners that you want to buy and their grading.

Another question that’s on your mind is, “Do ASTM & SAE grades require a specific head style?”. What are the head style requirements? How do they pertain to you?

To make the selection process easier, it’s important to know what ASTM and SAE grades are and how they apply to forged heads. The information included here applies to headed bolts only. To start, we’ll go over ASTM grading.

ASTM Grading

Certain head styles do receive a specific type of grading. The specification ASTM A307 is for Standard Hex Grade A bolts. Heavy Hex gets a B grading for the same specification. ASTM F593 is graded Alloy Group 1 and Alloy Group 2 for Standard Hex.

Large scale construction projects use Hex Bolts. They’re used to keep bridges and buildings erect. To maintain quality and safety standards, the ASTM must grade them in context to how to use them.

SAE Grading

SAE J429 has several grades for Standard Hex bolts. It can be Grade 2, Grade 5, or Grade 8. The six-sided-headed bolts are standard in the industry for forged heads.

The reason why grading exists is to help the end-user understand the durability of the fasteners. Without specifications, it’s impossible to know how a bolt holds up when withstanding extreme amounts of pressure. Some headed bolts may be best used indoors, while others are acceptable for outdoor use.

Choose the Right Headed Bolts for Your Construction Project

Without going over the information included in this blog, you may not know which headed bolts to buy. You probably experienced great difficulty choosing the right fasteners to meet your needs. With an idea of how ASTM and SAE grade their bolts, you’re able to select the fasteners needed to complete the job you set out to do.

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