Applying Finishes to Fasteners for Friction

Prevent tools from grinding against screws, bolts, and other fasteners.

Applying finishes to fasteners for friction is an industry-standard. It prevents metal from rubbing up against other metal and grinding it down. You’ll find that the fasteners that you buy often come with a specific type of finish depending on its application. When in doubt, refer to this handy guide for answers.

Types of Finishes Commonly Used for Fasteners

There are many different finishes to choose from, and with each offering a specific use. Zinc is the most common. It is rust-resistant, inexpensive, and attractive in appearance. Cadmium remains popular in underwater environments because of its superior corrosion-proof qualities. It is, however, highly toxic and bad for the planet. Color phosphate is chemically-produced and very good for fasteners.

Nickel, chromium, and hot-dip zinc are also very good finishes for fasteners. They range in color and application, too. That means that you have many options to choose from based on the type of project work you need to do. You can read a description of the different fasteners when reviewing our catalog or ask for additional information whenever you have a need come up.

Other finishes exist but have a questionable amount of effectiveness. You may want to steer clear of them because they won’t provide the friction you desire while working. Finishes protect the fastener and tools used while screwing or bolting parts together. It’s an option that provides you with additional protection while you work.

Fasteners Direct Has What You Need to Keep You from Grinding Metal on Metal

Choose the fastener finishes that best meet your needs. You’ve got options with Fasteners Direct. Our extensive product catalog has every type of screw and bolt you could use. If you have questions, contact us with them right away. We’re here to make your job easier by giving you the fasteners you need for your project work.

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