A Closer Look at Taper & Pipe Thread Grease Fittings

Which of the two are the most preferable for you to use?

Grease fittings come in different sizes and threads. That’s what makes it challenging to choose the right ones for the projects that you have to complete. Two of the most common thread types are taper thread and pipe thread. Although they serve the same general purpose, they look entirely different because of the threading that they contain.

Let’s start by taking a look at taper thread grease fittings so you can understand their size, appearance, and what they’re used for most commonly.

What is Taper Thread Grease Fittings?

Straight and tapered threads only vary slightly, and it can be hard to notice the difference if you’re not aware of how they are threaded for use with lubricant application. A taper thread grease fitting or grease nipple has tapering that varies by only three degrees. If not clearly marked or distinguishable by experience, you could very well choose the wrong grease fitting on accident.

Now, we’ll move onto pipe thread grease fittings and their uses. You’ll also get to know their size and what makes them instantly recognizable to the trained eye.

What is Pipe Thread Grease Fittings?

Used in industrial equipment as well as large bearings, this type of grease fitting is heavy-duty. It has 18 threads per inch on a ¼ pipe thread. Whatever setting that uses heavy lubricants, you’ll find pipe thread grease fittings. Shopping for the most durable metal fasteners helps you discover the different degrees of pipe thread grease fittings as they can be 45, 65, and 95 degrees.

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Knowing the difference between the two grease fittings helps you choose the correct part for your projects. If you’ve never had the duty of selecting this type of metal fastener, you likely have no idea what sets the two apart. Seasoned builders know how to pick grease fittings by sight. They’re able to see the difference between the two and select either the taper thread or pipe thread by seeing the threading up close.

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