Pre-Packaged Items
Pre-Packaged Items
FD Pail on a job-site
Fasteners Direct Pre-packs, Pails
FD Bolts in the Mud pc2
FD Pail on a job-site
FD Pail on a job-site
Colored Pails
Durable & Re-usable
Pails Vs. Boxes
FD Pail on a job-site
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  • PRE-PACKS: Fasteners Direct pre-packages items commonly ordered for easy pulling and order fulfillment. 

    • Pre-packs include quantities of 5#, 10#, 25#, 50# boxes and so much more! ​

  • PAILS: Pails are 100% free to sign-up for! You can choose to have certain product packaged only in pails, or all orders to be packaged and shipped this way. 

    • Which would you rather receive? A broken box, or a durable, reusable FD pail?​

  • Pre-packaged items: a common item that is pre-packaged in either 5, 10, 25 or 50 lb lots, as well as pre-packaged quantities of 100 pcs.
    These items reduce customer downtime because they are always in-stock on our shelves for you. 

  • What would you rather have? Broken boxes, or a sleek, durable, reusable pail?



Can Include Custom Labels

Pails are Durable & Re-usable

Can Be Added to Sure Stock or VMI