custom Label
Fasteners Direct Kits
  • Custom labels provide a way for our customers to personalize their packaging. By doing this, they can either use their logo, and specifically indicate what they want each label to say.

  • Labels can be use for specific information, such as emphasizing package weight, part number, part description and so much more. 

    • More than one thing can be put on your custom label!​

  • Custom labels can be used with Kits, Sure Stock and VMI.

  • Customize the label on your boxes, kits or bags that parts come in.  

  • Choose to either have your logo or other pertinent information on the label including, but not limited to:

    • FD's Part number

    • Your company part number

    • Your bin location 

    • Part description 

  • The label optons will be saved and custom printed for your orders.


Free Set-up

Fully Customize-able

Can Be Used with Kits, Sure Stock or VMI

Concise Information