Fasteners Direct Kits
Custom Kits
  • Custom kits provide a way for our customers to include multiple parts, in one kit, under one part number, and it's FREE!

  • Kit's are custom tailored to your business! 

  • They can also include custom labels.

  • Kits can be added to your Sure Stock or VMI programs, for FREE

  • Build Your Kit: Speak with an FD Salesman about what you need included in your kit.

  • The salesman will design the kit to your exact specifications. Making a personalized part number for you.

  • The kits can be custom packaged - for example 10 kits per box, or kits are packaged in pails.

  • The FD Kit is produced and sent to your facility. 

  • When it's time to reorder, simply give us your part number and it'll get refilled.


Free Set-up

Can Include Custom Labels

Combines Several Part Numbers Into 1

Can Be Added to Sure Stock or VMI