Meet the Team

Aaron Nagle - Inside Sales Representative

Aaron Nagle
Inside Sales Representative

Alicia Nudo-Web Development Team Leader

Alicia Nudo
Web Development Team Leader

Alyssa David- Efficiencies Assistant

Alyssa David
Efficiencies Assistant

Angie Parr- Customer Service Team Leader

Angie Parr
Customer Service Team Leader

Beth Gallo- Human Resources & Accounts Receivable

Beth Gallo
Human Resources & Accounts Receivable

Caia Baker- VP of Procurement

Caia Baker
VP of Procurement

Chris Parr- Chief Operations Officer

Chris Parr
Chief Operations Officer

Daniel Parr- Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Parr
Chief Financial Officer

Denise Parr- Outside Sales Coordinator

Denise Parr
Outside Sales Coordinator

Eric Lainson- Outside Sales Representative

Eric Lainson
Outside Sales Representative

Gary Parr- Chief Executive Officer

Gary Parr
Chief Executive Officer

Heather Parr- Accounting Assistant

Heather Parr
Accounting Assistant

Heidi Parr- Procurement Team Leader Assistant

Heidi Parr
Procurement Team Leader Assistant

Karley Philley- Procurement Analyst

Karley Philley
Procurement Analyst

Lindsay Brewer - Inside Sales Representative

Lindsay Brewer
Inside Sales Representative

Lindsay Whipple - Inside Sales Team lead Assist

Lindsay Whipple
Inside Sales Team Lead Assist

Mike Parr- Inside Sales Team Leader

Mike Parr
Inside Sales Team Leader

Natasha Parr- Executive Assistant

Natasha Parr
Executive Assistant

Nicole Tette- Client Care Representative

Nicole Tette
Client Care Representative

Phillip LeBeau- Outside Sales Representative

Phillip LeBeau
Outside Sales Representative

Rose Stonewell- Sales & Marketing Executive Assistant

Rose Stonewell
Sales & Marketing Executive Assistant

Stephanie Orr- Packaging & Kitting Team Leader

Stephanie Orr
Packaging & Kitting Team Leader

Tim Parr- Director of Sales & Marketing

Tim Parr
Director of Sales & Marketing

Todd Sibley- Account Maintence

Todd Sibley
Account Maintence

Toni Nardone- Efficiences & Expediting Team Leader

Toni Nardone
Efficiences & Expediting Team Leader

Wes Parr- Outside Sales Team Leader

Wes Parr
Outside Sales Team Leader

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