Custom Kits & Labeling

Custom Kits

Our kitting depart provides a way for our customer to include multiple parts into one cohesive package, under one part number, and it comes at no extra charge.

Custom Kits and assembly can be a great way for manufacturers to cut down on overhead. FD is set up to manage the complexity of putting multiple parts into one unit based on the required specifications. You can expect the following benefits by having the FD Team assemble for you:

  • Part consolidation from multiple numbers to one single SKU
  • Saves time for purchasing department with less parts to order
  • Save time for receiving department with less parts to handle
  • Can be integrated with VMI or Sure Stock to prevent stock outs
  • Specialized or personalized labels are available

Custom Labeling

custom kits inventory bins custom kits buckets custom labels parts package custom kits part sorter

Custom labels provide a way for our customers to personalize their packaging. Customers are encouraged to use their own designs that reflect your company's image.

The FD Custom packaging option is a great way to promote "your brand" instead of someone else’s. Here are a few benefits that are offered with this program:

  • Unique colored pail packaging options for easy identification
  • Specialty label options
  • Specialty box sizes/styles
  • Information on label can be modified to include any information such as:
    • PO number
    • Weight
    • Part description
    • Business name/brand
    • Lot number
    • Country of origin
    • Date packaged
    • More options available
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